3 smartphone filming tips that you need to know

We're here to help you to film amazing video every time. Follow our top tips below to improve your smartphone filmmaking skills and take your footage to the next level:



1. Film in landscape (usually!)

Ultimately the way you film should be determined by which platform you'll be sharing the final video on. Different platforms publish video in different orientations: generally Facebook, YouTube, Instagram (feed) and LinkedIn work best with landscape video. For Instagram Stories and Snapchat you'll want to share portrait video. 


So when it comes to filming footage should you shoot in landscape or portrait?  As a rule of thumb, we say film in landscape (holding your phone sideways). 

You'll get a much better perspective and composition by filming in landscape and avoiding those horrible black bars on the sides. Remember to press the record button once you've got your phone in the right position! As an exception, if you're video is primarily for Instagram Stories or Snapchat then shoot in portrait.

Make sure you let your Sauce Creators know which way to film in your video brief!



The Sauce platform supports both landscape and portrait orientations. Whilst the mobile editor and Editing Studio are (currently) geared to output landscape video, you can download the original portrait uploads in the app straight to your smartphone gallery, or download the original video/photo on the web platform in the asset section. 



2. Capture clear audio

The quality of audio can make or break your video! Especially when you're filming an interview or vlog. 

  • Find a quiet place to film, always record a test clip to check the audio

  • Get close and speak clearly towards your smartphone, so the microphone can pick up the audio

  • If you have budget, invest in an external microphone that plugs directly into your phone. You can even use a pair of headphones with a built-in mic.




3: Keep it smooth and steady

Shaky footage can be really distracting to the viewer, so keep your phone as still as possible to achieve buttery smooth footage.

  • Hold your phone with two hands, and lock in your elbows for extra stability

  • Rest the phone against an object like a book, or cup of tea!

  • There are also lots of accessories you can buy like a tripod, camera rig or stabiliser. These will make your smartphone footage look super pro.




So we hope these top tips will come in handy when you film your next video with Sauce. Don't forget the more your film the better you'll get at it, so just go for it and get stuck in! 


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