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Oracle completed the acquisition of Sauce Video on April 27, 2020.
Sauce Video has become part of 
Oracle CX Content.
This website will be redirected to on November 2, 2020.

A fast, easy and affordable way to create video together anywhere, anytime

Collaborate with your community of employees, fans and customers


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Create a video project with a brief to describe the aim and content required. 

Invite collaborators to capture and upload their footage to the Sauce App.


Direct, collect and curate the video content in our cloud-based platform. Get notified as footage gets uploaded to track progress and send notifications to your project team to keep them updated.


Edit the footage in the Sauce Editing Studio for desktop and mobile, your own desktop video editing software or use our professional editing team. Publish and share your incredible story to the world!

Create user generated video content

We believe brands are powered by their communities. The real people who buy, build and embrace your products can offer authentic stories that portray your brand message in the most unique way.

At Sauce, we empower you to collaborate with your fans, employees and customers around the world and create these stories together. Our mobile and desktop platform gives you the tools to build the most powerful, resourceful video team and realise your brand's creative vision.

Start creating UGC for marketing, internal communications and employee engagement now.

Editing options to suit your business

Edit videos in the Sauce Editing Studio for desktop and mobile

Select the uploaded content, to edit & publish using our award winning mobile editing app or using your own editing software.

Access Sauce directly in Adobe Premiere Pro

Use the Sauce add-on for Premiere Pro and streamline your video production capability. Find out more

Brief our team of professional editors

Simply select your content, create your storyboard and share it within the app with our video editors. We'll turn around a professional video super fast.

Some of our awesome clients

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Deborah Elstein

Marketing & Coms - DofE

"Rather than these perfect, scenic videos maxed out on production, this was a real video. It really happened, the people gave us the content and I think you feel that from the final result. As a charity we’re always looking for new technology and Sauce really fit the bill."

Kristen Mueller

Marketing & Coms - The Royal Parks

“The Sauce platform served to be the perfect tool for our user generated video campaign. The Royal Parks Half has an incredible group of invested runners and supporters and the only way to tell their stories well, was to have them tell it through video. Through Sauce, users could upload their video testimonials in two-clicks, allowing us instant access to their amazing and emotional stories.”

Peter Bäckgren

Creative Producer - Phosworks

"It was a stellar experience. The hidden bonus ingredient in Sauce is the awesome personal delivery and help as your project progresses. Not only did we get a well working crowdsourcing service for both Android and iOS, but also excellent, friendly personal customer support and help along the way." 

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