Top 5 Affordable Accessories for Smartphone Filming

Here at Sauce we love smartphone cameras. There are tons of affordable accessories out there that can take your smartphone filming to the next level. Here's our pick of the top 5 affordable accessories that will help to make you an incredible smartphone film maker. 

1. Smartphone Steady Rig

When it comes to making our videos nice and steady we use a number of different devices and gadgets, the one that stands out the most in terms of quality , price and potential is the Ulanzi Smartphone Video Rig. It's light, affordable has a tripod attachment and two shoe mounts for your mic and light! At £15, it's a total steal. 

Get the full spec here:

2. Shotgun mic

If you will be taking interviews of your clients asking them about what they think about your product you will want nice clear and crisp sound, for this we recommend not looking any further than the Rode Video Mic. Small, compact, affordable, the Rode microphone is ideal for filming video with your smartphone being compatible with all brands and devices. Just make sure you buy the TRS- TRRS cable that makes the mic compatible with your smartphone device.

Get the full spec here:

3. Lenses

Smartphone clip on lenses have been around for quite some time now and that is why we love them! They have been becoming increasingly versatile, ranging from the tried and tested fisheye and macro lenses to lenses that allow for optical zoom and filtering of different wavelengths. These lenses are cheap and they can make even the most inexperienced amateur videographer take some breathtaking, professional looking shots.

Olloclip have a really good selection:

5. Tripod + Selfie stick all in one!

A tripod is a must have accessory for any filmer, and we've found one that is not only light and portable, but doubles up as a selfie stick because.....well why not? MeFoto's awesome Backpacker Air travel tripod is perfect when you need a light set up but still need to get steady shots for interviews and landscapes (it's 1.51 metres when fully expanded).

Check it out here:

5. Smartphone battery pack case

Filming can be very draining on battery life especially if you are filming in cold conditions. If you are planning film for an extended period of time without having to find a socket every couple of hours a battery pack is a must! If you have an iPhone, their Smart Battery Case is the obvious choice. This gadget has a couple of key advantages; firstly it protects your device without decreasing the video quality and secondly it is compact not requiring any cables. 

Check out the iPhone Smart Battery Case: