Hello World!

The website is up, apps are launched and we're ready to blog - woohoo!

We're a strange amalgamation between a video technology and video production company. I guess we're both, or sit somewhere in between? Anyway, we're obsessed and fascinated with both video and technology so if you're like us then you've come to the right place.

Over the past few years, we've been developing intelligent video editing apps and producing video content for major brands. We've learned a lot along our journey, and Sauce is a result of all our learnings (and a random idea that came to mind over team beers late last year).

The video industry is a fast evolving beast, an exciting one! Brands are racing to create more and more video, for followers who crave for content. Over the past few years we've seen vlogging, live streaming, 360, VR all become the latest thing - and that's just scratching the surface.

We believe that with all these exciting things, collaboration remains untackled and fragmented. So we're transforming the way teams and communities produce video together. Gone are the days where you need to transfer video files to your colleague over various transfer mechanisms, have your video clips stored in 5 different places, or need to beg your friend to send you that clip from your holiday.

We're changing that with one app - Sauce.

Check it out and watch this space, we're just getting started.

Team Sauce