Beavertown Fans Get Vocal!

Craft beer tasting is now a thing. And it's very entertaining. Have you ever heard someone describe a drink as a "wet forest' or "creamy mouthful"? If not, continue on...Craft beer fanatics don't just hang out in East London, they are everywhere. And beer brands need to embrace these drinking experts. After all, they've drunk a fair few beers in their time!

Using Sauce App, we collaborated with real Beavertown fans to create this "Bevertown Vocab" video":

When you want a reaction of your new beer, you need to get your fans to do it

This video made up of real Beavertown tasting videos give 

Real people who buy your products are you best advocates, creating authentic content just because they love your brand. So embrace your community, and use their content. After they are the key reason why your product survives. 

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